Hi all, I am having a problem creating a tab sepa...
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Hi all, I am having a problem creating a tab separated file using Kedro's catalog. The file is the output of a node and I was therefore using the save_args parameters to ensure the formatting of the output file... I tried the following but yaml keeps complaining that it should be 1 character.
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"TypeError: "delimiter" must be a 1-character string"
DataSetError: Failed while saving data to data set CSVDataSet(filepath=…, load_args={'sep': \t}, protocol=file, save_args={'sep': \t}).
"delimiter" must be a 1-character string
The entry in the catalog is the following:
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  type: pandas.CSVDataSet
  filepath: data/02_intermediate/list_xxxx.txt
    sep: "\t" and "typing tab" and "small arrow"
  layer: primary
Is there a way to actually create a tab separated file as output to a node? I tried to find some answers both online and in this slack but no luck so far. Will keep searching. 🙂 Thanks a lot for your help!
Most likely the string is not escaped properly. How did you get this error? "\t" should be a string but in your error it's not.
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