Hi @channel, we are excited to announce that :mega...
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Hi @channel, we are excited to announce that 📣 Kedro 0.19.4 and kedro-datasets 3.0.0 are available! K 🚀 Major features and improvements • Added two new datasets:
• Added
Python 3.12
support for kedro-datasets • Kedro commands now work from any subdirectory within a Kedro project. • Dropped the dependency on
in favour of the built-in
module. • Added the
flag to
kedro new
, allowing the user to register consent to have user analytics collected at the same time as the project is created. • Improved the performance of
object creation and summing. 🪲 Bug fixes and other changes • Fixed bug with loading datasets from Hugging Face. Now allows passing parameters to the load_dataset function. • Updated
kedro pipeline create
kedro pipeline delete
to read the base environment from the project settings. • Updated CLI command
kedro catalog resolve
to read credentials properly. • Updated
to prevent pushing Mlflow local runs folder to a remote forge when using mlflow and git. • Fixed error handling message for malformed yaml/json files in OmegaConfigLoader. • Fixed a bug in
-creation allowing self-dependencies when using transcoding, that is datasets named like
💥 Breaking changes to the API • Methods
have been moved to
✍🏼 Documentation changes • Added documentation on best practices for testing nodes and pipelines. • Clarified docs around using custom resolvers without a full Kedro project. Read the complete release notes for kedro and kedro-datasets on GitHub. Thanks a lot to our community contributors @Ondrej Zacha, @Puneet Saini, @Riley Brady, Andrew Cao, @Eduardo Romero López and Jerome Asselin We welcome every community contribution, large or small. See what we're working on now and report bugs or suggest future features. Until next time, The Kedro Team 💛
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