Hi Team, i am facing an issue with catalog_global...
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Hi Team, i am facing an issue with catalog_globals.yml. I have various catalog_globals.yml def for my dev and prod in addition to the base and local, but every time i run the dev and prod it picks the default values from the catalog_globals.yml
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kedro run --pipeline=data_sampling.connector --env=prod
This is the command i am using
So if you’re using regular variable interpolation - using
, the keys are resolved per environment and then the entries as a whole from the “run environment” will overwrite the entry from base.
If you want variable interpolation keys from run env to overwrite base env -
resolver is the way to go - docs
side note: For me,
is more like
, in fact Kedro treat the
equally just like any other
file. This is only a convention to encourage splitting out the templated value to a separate file. To have anything interpolated across environment, you can only use
and this is by design to reduce confusion, everything else are self-contained within its env.
aah got it, a follow up question, is there a kedro way to access env and initial in the settings.py
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kedro run --pipeline=data_sample.connector --env=sample_1 --params "initial=0.8"
https://docs.kedro.org/en/stable/extend_kedro/architecture_overview.html Slightly outdated but this give you a sense of the order of execution. Why do you need that?
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quick answer is no (at least nothing out of the box)- because the settings determines where to look for the config so it's a circular dependency
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