Dev question: I'm trying to update the base starte...
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Dev question: I'm trying to update the base starter (and other starters) to fix some issues. Now I've been changing the starter in root of kedro thinking it's responsible for
kedro new
processing. Apparently it's not (entirely), and when you enable all of the options it uses
behind the scenes. So now that there is a proliferation of many versions of starters (4 variants of spaceflights) - what ways do you have to keep them consistent? Do you do some sort of cookie cutter repo templating? I wonder how to work with them and keep sane that they are all in sync. One of the bugs I wanted to fix seems to be in place of that other starter rather than base kedro.
Also bonus question, I didn't check yet, but since many sections are now optional with selection of features at creation - how to check in cookie cutter whether particular section is enable or not? I can't find example for that, rather most of the work is done inside cookie cutter hook. I wanted to update readme of starter with instructions how to run tests & build the docs with sphinx but only make them appear when given section is enabled.
Well it's two parts and it's not really the most elegant solutions. Thus you see 4 different starters.
etc. For most tool, it handled by the cookiecutter post_gen hook, for
, it handles from
because copy pasting existing code file is tricky (i.e. etc. We never get to explore better options. i.e.
or I've heard about
I agree there's a fair bit of code duplication and that it's not very sustainable.
I don't really like this split into 4 additional starters without a proper way of syncing their common parts
solutions I'm thinking about could be maybe: copier repo for base kedro new that tries to keep in check other copies or to abbandon the approach of multiple different versions and rather code the template with logic based on cookie cutter and selected options (also problematic to maintain and test in different ways). I wish there was also a test step in cicd at let's say pre-release for sanity checking that all combination of options in base starter and official starter produce code that works, and its tests passes - then improve tests of those starters to also test the specific functionality they introduce (kedro viz, pyspark present, docs buildable, ruff linting throwing no errors and other base things expected of those starters)
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I'll keep thinking about the possible approach but in the mean time I'll try to just do basic changes to fix the starters
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If you end up exploring copier, we would be very interested to learn more about it.