Hello, Is the new kedro-viz 8.0 release meant to ...
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Hello, Is the new kedro-viz 8.0 release meant to be compatible with pydantic v1 and v2? From this comment https://github.com/kedro-org/kedro-viz/issues/1603#issuecomment-1779044857 I gather that was the intention, but I am getting an error
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[04/02/24 10:01:57] WARNING  Failed to load kedro_viz.launchers.cli commands from                           utils.py:363
                             EntryPoint(name='kedro-viz', value='kedro_viz.launchers.cli:viz_cli',
                             group='kedro.global_commands'). Full exception: cannot import name
                             'ValidationInfo' from 'pydantic'
deps info:
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https://github.com/kedro-org/kedro-viz/pull/1743, short answer is no. AFAIK the only support is V2 now, maybe it was not clear that we dropped v1 support. Release note: https://github.com/kedro-org/kedro-viz/blob/main/RELEASE.md#release-800
Okay yeah from the release notes it's clear. I went searching through issues because I didn't actually see a pydantic>=2 requirement in the kedro-viz package
The issue arose because I already had pydantic 1.xx installed in my env and when i installed kedro-viz 8.x it didn't actually update pydantic to v2 as pydantic isn't actually listed as a dependency of kedro-viz, it is only through a transitive dependency on fastapi >= 0.100, but 0.100 is compatible with pydantic v1
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Thanks for raising this. Assumption was fastapi>=1.0.0 would itself do the pydantic upgrade but since it's backward compatibile looks like it doesn't. we will add this.
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Would it be possible to yank the wrongly-specified releases? I can easily fix this on my end, but I assume I won't be the only person with this problem: I have some project dependencies which still depend on pydantic<2 so some projects aren't compatible with kedro-viz 8.xx but from now on kedro viz will resolve to 8.0.1 unless i manually pin that on my end for each project
same issue - is the quick fix here to just bump pydantic to 2 ?
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