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Chekeb Panschiri

03/25/2024, 10:44 AM
Hi team, I am trying to save a dataset into parquet, and fall into this error message saying
DataSetError: Failed while saving data to data set ParquetDataSet(filepath= <PATH>, protocol={}, save_args={}.
("Could not convert '0.39.11' with type str: tried to convert to int64", "Conversion failed for column <COLUMN NAME> with type object")
The column in question has two types of values: an 8 digit number and string like 0.39.11. It seems that it automatically identified the column as an int and want to convert it as such. What would be the correct way of dealing with this error ?
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Sajid Alam

03/25/2024, 11:29 AM
requires the same type for the column so I think casting the column you are having a problem with as a string should resolve this.