Does anyone know how to "move symbol" to a differe...
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Does anyone know how to "move symbol" to a different file in VSCode, similar to the PyCharm refactoring feature? It seems like that it is possible and I see the
command from Pylance, but I cannot trigger it.
holymoly how am I just finding out about this!! Ctrl Shift R brings up the move symbol menu:
This was the one thing I missed still from PyCharm
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Can you screenshot the menu? I don't see it
Ctrl + Shift + R brings up the quick fix menu but I don't see move symbols there
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I get the impression it depends on some language server functionality which you might not have activated. If you ctrl click on an object does it take you to its definition?
just saw you lol
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I am on the latest release and using Pylance, ctrl + click does work for me yet the menu does not show up. This is the things that I always rely on PyCharm
I have figured it out at the end
what was it?
I think it's a bug, but seems that the dev team doesn't agree. I had an outdated path index point kedro to the wrong path (it's an empty folder). Everything works (i.e. Go to defintion, find reference), so I am not sure what makes this particular feature special. Once I point it back to the correct path or remove it, it works
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