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Abhishek Bhatia

03/01/2024, 8:13 AM
Hey Team! I have multiple kedro pipelines in my project. Each kedro pipeline is also namespaced by its own name. For example, a pipeline named
is namespaced as
to allow multiple benefits (separation of parameters, filtering of nodes using namespace + tags etc). But the following command fails:
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kedro run --namespace=my_pipeline
with the error:
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ValueError: Pipeline does not contain nodes with namespace 'my_pipeline'
But it works when I include the pipeline name
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kedro run --pipeline=my_pipeline --namespace=my_pipeline
But it fails if I pass it any other namespace (expected)
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kedro run --pipeline=my_pipeline --namespace=xyz
Can you help me where I am going wrong here? Seems like something very basic I am missing! Thanks! 🙂
Update: I think I know what is happening.
kedro run --namespace=my_pipeline
will search for nodes with namespace in the default pipeline and not across all pipelines.
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