Hi <!channel>, we are excited to announce several ...
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Hi <!channel>, we are excited to announce several releases today! 📣 Kedro 0.19.3, kedro-datasets 2.1.0 and kedro-telemetry 0.3.2 are available! K 🚀 Major features and improvements • New
magic to load and debug nodes, compatible with IPython, Jupyter, VSCode, and Databricks We’ve listened to lots of you talk about how central Notebooks📓 are for your Kedro workflow. This release we’ve been hard at work making @Nok Lam Chan’s experiment posted a couple weeks ago on #user-research a reality! you can now prototype Kedro nodes faster in the notebook platform of your choice! We’ve tested this on 🧱 , vscode and jupyter so let us know what you think and how you’d like this feature to grow in the future. To try it out, run
pip install kedro[jupyter]
and follow our documentation. Also: • New
which uses SciPy to load and save
files • Preview functionality for matplotlib, Plotly, and tracking datasets • Allow additional parameters for sqlalchemy engine when using sql datasets. 🪲 Bug fixes and other changes
kedro catalog resolve
now works with dataset factories that use
• Updated JSON Schema for Kedro 0.19 • Simplified installation of
datasets on Windows and macOS ✍🏼 Documentation changes • Improved and fixed documentation around the data collected by
https://docs.kedro.org/en/stable/configuration/telemetry.html Read the complete release notes for kedro, kedro-datasets, and kedro-telemetry on GitHub Thanks a lot to our community contributors @Manuel Spierenburg, @Felipe Monroy, @Samuel Lee SJ, @Fazil B. Topal, and
We welcome every community contribution, large or small. See what we're working on now and report bugs or suggest future features. Until next time, The Kedro Team 💛
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