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Guilherme Marthe (gui42)

02/22/2024, 12:56 AM
Hello folks! Random question, out of curiosity. I was browsing the kedro-viz repo and saw a PR that removes quantumblack references. What happend there? In the PR people mentioned replacing the references for "LR". Who are those 😅

Deepyaman Datta

02/22/2024, 1:00 AM
This? Kedro (including projects like Kedro-Viz) are governed by the Linux Foundation, specifically under the LF AI & Data umbrella. TL;DR even though there is still a significant QuantumBlack/McKinsey presence on the Technical Steering Committee for Kedro, the project is not governed by QB/McK, and the steering committee also includes members from a number of other companies (myself from Voltron Data, Marcin from GetInData/Xebia, Yolan from Societe Generale).
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Guilherme Marthe (gui42)

02/22/2024, 12:20 PM
Aaaa awesome!!! Thank you! I just wanted context and googling kedro + quantumblack didn't point me to any recent news 😄