Hi everyone, out of curiosity, what companies (big...
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Hi everyone, out of curiosity, what companies (big or small) are extensively using kedro at the moment? If it’s already been published elsewhere (or has been discussed before) PS. I’d highly appreciate a pointer to it 🙏
I can at least start this by adding my own company, • Waste Labs And then the OG: • QuantumBlack
We have a few on the kedro.org website
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NASA will always be my favourite
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Is it the ones under the “Our community” banner? NASA is amazing! I should’ve used that when pitching to VCs “… the same tech as used by NASA.”
Only 17 (now 18) stars 😞
…sure but we expect more closed source projects
Actually the stat I’m proudest of is that our steering committee is no longer only QB https://docs.kedro.org/en/latest/contribution/technical_steering_committee.html
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It’s not a criticism, just a sad face as I believe it deserves more…
My old employer OOCL (a shipping company)?
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it's all closed-source, but we use it extensively for ML at my company Axpo
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We use it at Vista Group to deploy batch ML