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Luis Gustavo Souza

02/02/2024, 1:47 PM
Hello everyone! I recently updated Kedro to version 0.19, transitioning from TemplatedConfigLoader to OmegaConf. Previously, with TemplatedConfigLoader, I had a straightforward setup where I defined a parameter "gcp_project" in "base/parameters/config.yml" and used it in my catalog.yml. To achieve this, I simply set the following in
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CONFIG_LOADER_ARGS={"globals_pattern": "*/**"}
And in catalog.yml:
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gcp_project: ${gcp_project}
This setup worked seamlessly. However, with OmegaConf, I'm encountering an issue. When attempting the same approach, I receive the following error:
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InterpolationKeyError: Interpolation key 'gcp_project' not found
Has anyone faced a similar challenge or knows how I can resolve this? Appreciate any guidance or suggestions on making this work with OmegaConf. Thank you!

Nok Lam Chan

02/02/2024, 1:56 PM
It's likely you need to update the
argument too!
seems too generic