What're ppl's thoughts on tox vs nox (vs others)? ...
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What're ppl's thoughts on tox vs nox (vs others)? We're in the process of migrating some projects to kedro 0.18 (finally), but we have some libraries which will need to support both 0.18.14 and 0.17.1, so we would like to start testing on a matrix of python and kedro versions. I've played with tox in the past on some pet projects but have never used either properly. An additional consideration is we are currently using pdm for all our dependency management, and the documentation explicitly states:
It is much easier to use PDM in Nox [than Tox]
This makes me lean towards Nox, and I do like the thought of configuring this sort of thing through code rather than yet-another-ini-file, but I was wondering if there's any drawbacks I might not be considering
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There's hatch too, but the thought of using hatch alongside pdm seems a bit strange
I think this should live at the CI Matrix level not the local test suite level - this is how we test Kedro currently https://github.com/kedro-org/kedro/blob/eb3b416ce5e1b3f0163ce2a9b43774231bd34f05/.github/workflows/all-checks.yml#L39
Just as a data point, a year and change ago I settled on tox + flit. I did consider nox, but I can't remember why I opted against it (maybe less mature plug-in ecosystem? Honestly can't remember)
Unrelated, I finally get to try out
after seeing this thread, and the experience has been great so far
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