Hi team, is there a quick way to rename an entire ...
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Hi team, is there a quick way to rename an entire
project using a cli command? IF not, what are the best practices around this? Thank you !
Usually you can create a new project and just copy over the modules.
If you don't want this, renaming the project isn't too much different from how you rename other Python projects. Use the "refactor" functions that IDE offers. The only extra thing that you need to look out for is
which has project specific information (names of your package, project etc)
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What do you need to change? There aren't that many references in the starter. Most likely, you have package references, which I've usually handled through find and replace (maybe IDEs have some nice support).
(always make sure you commit before you start doing this refactoring)
Thanks for the suggestions Nok and Deepyaman!
The nature of our project changed a bit so wanting to basically rename the entire thing, but donโ€™t wanna break the code
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