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Thomas Huyghebaert

01/29/2024, 4:15 PM
Has anyone ever deployed a pipeline using AWS Step Functions? I figured that the deployment could be optimized, right now you have to create and copy over multiple files from the docs. Would anyone be interested in a "one-liner" CLI tool for this instead? (Just a question regarding a school project i am working on atm) Thanks in advance 🙂
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Juan Luis

01/29/2024, 4:42 PM
hi @Thomas Huyghebaert! you're following right?
(also this might be better suited to #questions)

Deepyaman Datta

01/29/2024, 4:45 PM
Automated/streamlined deployment plugins are nice. 🙂 I think some of the existing deployment plugins (including a number of ones developed by GetInData) are great examples. I don't see why people wouldn't prefer that (assuming they deploy to step functions; personally not sure how big that audience is). Of course, you have the additional plugin maintenance responsibility you'd essentially be signing up for, but if that's something you're willing to support--why not IMO. 😄
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Nok Lam Chan

01/29/2024, 4:46 PM
agree - would love to see this. Will this be more generic than the current documentation or it's mainly automation of the copy/paste work?

Thomas Huyghebaert

01/29/2024, 5:40 PM
@Juan Luis correct, that's the one i followed @Nok Lam Chan good point you're bringing up here, it would be nice if there was a more generic way, like AzureML's deployment for example. To be honest AWS is a bit new to me so developing a new deployment method from scratch seems a bit too ambitious for now 😅 I think it would already be more convenient if there was a very simple automation script and this also sounds very doable
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