# questions

Camilo Piñón

01/29/2024, 1:47 PM
Hello! Has anyone worked with the Kedro+MLflow+BentoML stack? What was your experience, do you have any reference? Thank you!

Juan Luis

01/29/2024, 1:49 PM
I recall @Hugo Evers (@Hugo Evers? ) mentioned it a while ago!
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Hugo Evers

01/29/2024, 1:49 PM
i do! it works, so its definitely doable. What do you want to know? Do you have any specific questions?

Camilo Piñón

01/30/2024, 8:14 AM
Thanks @Hugo Evers!Not for much now, since I'm still getting to know Bento! Was your process using kedro to implement DS and get a model to be stored in MLflow and the moving that model from MLflow to Bento? Another question that I have is that, if I implement a pipeline in Kedro, what would be the approach to apply that same pipeline to "production" data that would be feeded to the bento endpoint?
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