I'm still using Kedro 0.18.14. What are some pros...
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I'm still using Kedro 0.18.14. What are some pros and cons of upgrading to the latest stable version? From my superficial browsing, it seems some commands have also changed. And from maintainability/support point of view, what's the impact if we choose to remain with 0.18.4?
hi @Afiq Johari! usual caveats that apply to all software. if you stay on the latest version, it's more likely it's faster and better. also, it will be easier for us to help you if you ever have problems. kedro 0.19 introduced lots of simplifications, new commands, and so on. also, newer functionalities of Kedro Viz might only work in the latest version. you'll have to find your balance between "keep your software up to date" and "if it works, don't touch it"
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@Juan Luis thanks! We started POCing with Kedro back in November, and we did hit some milestones along the way. And the idea is to hopefully push Kedro as the default project template moving forward. At the same time, we're also approaching the end of this POC cycle. And I'm not sure if we have sufficient time to migrate the code to the new Kedro 0.19. But it's definitely tempting to do so since I notice the documentation around it is also more exhaustive.
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