Hi! I think my question is a bit tricky. I have c...
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Hi! I think my question is a bit tricky. I have created a modular pipeline, where I can define the order of the nodes to be executed and which ones to be executed using a parameter. My problem is that, now, I want to repeat the same node but using different configurations in each repetition of the node. Happy to connect if someone can think of a solution! 🙂
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hey @Javier Goez Sanz, did you get a solution to this? cc @Nok Lam Chan
Yes! Thanks @Juan Luis 🙂
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awesome, would you mind share how did you go around this at the end?
Instead of using a modular approach, I have used just a regular pipeline. All the node functions have the same inputs: df, params
And I name the input, output and intermediate dfs of the dynamic pipeline programatically
And using a yml, I set the order of the nodes (and how many times to execute them), and the parameters for each of these nodes