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Galen Seilis

01/15/2024, 10:29 PM
I just started a new project inside a virtual environment and installed from the requirements file. I am test-driving the relatively new 19 version. I am getting this error, which I would appreciate advice on updating.
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RuntimeError: Found unexpected keys in 'pyproject.toml'. Make sure it only contains the following keys: ['package_name', 'project_name', 'kedro_init_version', 'source_dir', 'tools'].
My pyproject.toml looks like
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requires = ["setuptools"]
build-backend = "setuptools.build_meta"

name = "prrhoem"
readme = ""
dynamic = ["dependencies", "version"]

prrhoem = "prrhoem.__main__:main"


docs = [
    "ipykernel>=5.3, <7.0",

dependencies = {file = "requirements.txt"}
version = {attr = "prrhoem.__version__"}

where = ["src"]
namespaces = false

package_name = "prrhoem"
project_name = "prrhoem"
kedro_init_version = "0.19.1"
tools = ['Linting', 'Testing', 'Custom Logging', 'Documentation', 'Data Structure', 'PySpark', 'Kedro Viz']
example_pipeline = "False"
source_dir = "src"

addopts = """
--cov-report term-missing \
--cov src/prrhoem -ra"""

fail_under = 0
show_missing = true
exclude_lines = ["pragma: no cover", "raise NotImplementedError"]

line-length = 88
show-fixes = true
select = [
    "F",   # Pyflakes
    "W",   # pycodestyle
    "E",   # pycodestyle
    "I",   # isort
    "UP",  # pyupgrade
    "PL",  # Pylint
    "T201", # Print Statement
ignore = ["E501"]  # Black takes care of line-too-long
So naturally I have more keys, but these are the defaults! Should I delete parts of the file down to the required keys, or is there something else I should consider?