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David Ampudia

01/05/2024, 6:45 PM
Hi Kedro Team, I'm currently working on my first project using Kedro and have a question regarding dynamic path configuration in the DataCatalog. I understand that nodes typically don't have knowledge of IO configuration. My question is: is it still possible to define a subfolder in the DataCatalog path (for a partitioned dataset) by using one of the parameters? I know this can be done by overriding runtime parameters (ie.
), but I'm struggling to achieve this with static parameters. Any guidance or suggestions on how to approach this would be really helpful.
Let me be a bit more specific: • Current Setup: I'm using
to create subfolders dynamically in an S3 path for a dataset
. The intention is to use the parameter
as part of the path, which I define at runtime.
type: partitions.PartitionedDataset
path: "s3://.../cited_by/downstream/${runtime_params:work_id, None}/"
Issue: I currently depend on the runtime parameter to do dynamic path creation. Instead, I'd like for it to use parameters in my
, or even better, the output string for the previous node in the pipeline this runs in.

Yolan Honoré-Rougé

01/05/2024, 9:20 PM
You can use the "globals" resolver instead of the "runtime_params" in order to inject this path from a static file
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Using the output string of the previous node is not recommended, but possible with the after_node_run hook I guess