Hi! RE: Kedro dataset factories ```"{name}_data":...
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Hi! RE: Kedro dataset factories
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  type: pandas.CSVDataset
  filepath: data/01_raw/{name}_data.csv
When using Kedro dataset factories, Kedro run behaves like a loop, running each {name} at a time. how do i output which {name} it is at inside my node/function?
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#ideally, I want to save the {name}
def function(dataset):
    current = {name}
I think this is hacky AF and highly recommend not doing this, but one way to accomplish this is to have a hook modify
to include the name... somewhere (because e.g. a pandas DataFrame is a Python object you can arbitrarily attach attributes to).
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# src/<package_name>/hooks.py
from kedro.framework.hooks import hook_impl
from <http://kedro.io|kedro.io> import DataCatalog

def modify(df, name):
    assert name.endswith("_data")
    df.myname = name[: -len("_data")]
    return df

class HackyHooks:
    def before_node_run(self, inputs) -> None:
            {k: modify(v, k) for k, v in inputs.items() if k.endswith("_data")}
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# src/<package_name>/pipelines/<pipeline_name>/pipeline.py
from kedro.pipeline import Pipeline, node, pipeline
from .nodes import function

def create_pipeline(**kwargs) -> Pipeline:
    return pipeline([node(function, "foo_data", "first_save")])
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# src/<package_name>/pipelines/<pipeline_name>/nodes.py
import pandas as pd

def function(dataset):
    return pd.DataFrame({"value": [dataset.myname]})
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thank you so much!!!! i modified it a little and it works.
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df.myname = name
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