# plugins-integrations

Ugo Barbato

12/15/2023, 3:23 PM
Hello everyone, I have some questions about
plugin: 1. I want to assign a tag (in addition to those assigned automatically like 'sagemaker:pipeline-execution-arn' and 'sagemaker:pipeline-step-name') to the Processing Jobs launched through this plugin. Is there a way to do this automatically without interfacing through the AWS management console? 2. I want that all the nodes runs on the same instance. The default behaviour is that when a step of the pipeline is executed a new instance start-up and when it finishes the instance shut-down increasing the total execution time. Is there a way to make it executing on the same instance to optimize execution time? 3. Moreover I have some nodes that can be executed in parallel, can I do this configuring the plugin in a certain way? 4. Finally, i see that the Step Type for the steps in Sagemaker Studio is always Processing, also for training steps, is there a way to make the plugin knows that they're trainings steps?