Hey Kedro, I'm new to ML Orchestration. I am plan...
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Hey Kedro, I'm new to ML Orchestration. I am planning to do a RAG LLM and will be processing/cleaning and embedding data for the RAG LLM without any training or fine tuning. Is Kedro used only for the ingestion and processing of data? Can it be used for embedding into a vector database like milvus or knowledge graph like neo4j?
hello @IceAsher Chew - Kedro can be used for data and ML pipelines alike. theoretically it can be connected to vector databases and knowledge graphs but to our knowledge there are no connectors ("datasets") developed for these systems yet. you can go and define your own, have a look at our collection of officially maintained connectors for inspiration https://github.com/kedro-org/kedro-plugins/tree/main/kedro-datasets
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