Hi everyone, I’m looking into `kedro-airflow` and...
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Hi everyone, I’m looking into
and am having a little concern. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Since individual nodes are turned into airflow tasks as instances of the
method creates a new
, if one were to use versioned datasets, one would be in for a little surprise: A single airflow run would produce non-homogeneously timestamped artifacts… Correct ? Thanks in advance for your inputs / comments. M.
Actually it mostly depends on the template you will use to create Airflow DAG. Default one is not so great imho (it leaves a lot of operational work to get it working). You can create a template which will create the version ID and then pass it to all downstream nodes for example, to make the versioning feature usable. Also, for advanced use cases see https://getindata.com/blog/deploying-kedro-pipelines-gcp-composer-airflow-node-grouping-mlflow by @Artur Dobrogowski
(it does not have to be GCP Composer btw) ☝️ Any Airflow on k8s will do
Hi @marrrcin Thanks for your answer and suggestions. Will check it out / try it out and get back to you 🙂 Have a nice day. Cheers M.
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@Marc Gris one of the people that was contributing the most to
is not on this Slack, so for specific questions you mightbe luckier opening an issue on GitHub and tagging
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(on top of what @marrrcin said)
@Marc Gris did you find the blog post about kedro-airflow useful?
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@Artur Dobrogowski Yes. Very much so. Thx !!! We haven’t yet had the time / change to experiment with this approach, as we’re still in dev phase… Will post some news /feedback here once deployed.
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