Hey all! - I am working with `kedro kubeflow` with...
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Hey all! - I am working with
kedro kubeflow
with a repo that has multiple pipelines and lots and lots of parameters in aggregate across pipelines, and I'm receiving an error when trying to upload a compiled manifest :
The pipeline spec is invalid.: Invalid input error: The input parameter length exceed maximum size of 10000.
This looks to be a limitation of K8s, specifically : https://github.com/kubeflow/pipelines/issues/2286 I've tried modifying some of the kedro-kubeflow plugin code to account for passing in specific pipelines via
kedro kubeflow compile --pipeline <blah> -o <pipeline_blah>.yml
and the manifest looks clean but I'm getting another error now :
kedro: error: argument --configure_logging: invalid <lambda> value: 'config.yaml'
and I was just curious if folks, including @marrrcin, had seen this previously, or not. 🙂
Overview of the hacks I'd put in place to test, here: https://github.com/getindata/kedro-kubeflow/issues/92#issuecomment-1776235943
Looks like it's a collision with the
flag on kedro version 0.18.12
Modifying the plugin to use
instead fixes it
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