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screenshot for posterity
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For example, users can configure the desired quote (single vs. double) and indentation styles.
hah, fans of Blue will be happy 🙂
ruff format
is built into Ruff, rather than shipping as a separate package, allowing you to simplify your project’s dependencies and learn one fewer CLI.
when are we switching?? 😄
I’ve only been casually watching this
discourse Is there any reason to not use
? Other than it not being pure python?
Is there any reason to not use
Not really. 🤷 I feel like most every project is migrating to it.
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Indeed, ruff has been addopted really fast. Maybe faster than I have ever seen any project been adopted…
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@Ian Whalen 🚫, Ruff being rust based isn't a problem at all. It simplifies the mental model as well so you don't need to remember pylint flake8 isort and now black. No one really understand what the real difference anyway, it's now all just a rule set and you can pick the one you need.
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I think it’s got feature parity with flake8 but not pylint yet, but it will