Hey there! Quick question: Do you have additional ...
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Hey there! Quick question: Do you have additional docs on running Kedro pipeline with Prefect, other than what's in https://docs.kedro.org/en/stable/deployment/prefect.html? I'm working on integrating Prefect for automated workflow management in my Kedro project. Thanks a bunch!
Kyle hi, thank for your question and interest in integrating Prefect with your Kedro project! At the moment, the official Kedro documentation you mentioned is the primary resource for running Kedro pipelines with Prefect. We think it provides a starting point for understanding the integration between that tools. However, we understand that there may be a need for more detailed and comprehensive documentation on this topic. We value your feedback and would greatly appreciate your contributions based on your experience with Prefect. Your input will be instrumental in expanding and enriching our documentation.
@Kyle Niosco what are you missing from the current docs? is it that you get an error at some step in the process?