Hello, I've observed an issue while using `kedro ...
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Hello, I've observed an issue while using
kedro viz
. When I click on a node, it suggests a 'Run Command' code snippet. For example, when working with the spaceflights project, the suggested command appears like this:
kedro run --to-nodes=None.preprocess_companies_node
However, when I attempt to run this code, I encounter the following error message:
ValueError: The pipeline does not contain nodes named ['None.preprocess_companies_node']
So I'm confused by the inclusion of the
namespace in the suggested command and the error. Should I enforce namespace to be used across all nodes to ensure
kedro viz
suggests the right code snippet?
This may be a bug - not sure how a Python
is getting into Javascript. @Tynan have you seen this before?
that was a bug we just fixed here: https://github.com/kedro-org/kedro-viz/pull/1569
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your command should probably be this:
kedro run --to-nodes=preprocess_companies_node
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this fix will go out in our next release, either end of this week or early next!
Thanks for the quick reply! Should have checked the github issue page first next time 🙏
no problem :)