I have the following function that I want to execu...
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I have the following function that I want to execute within an isolated pipeline (data refresh pipeline). It's not supposed to have any input or output because its purpose is to execute a stored procedure that refreshes the database before I can use SQL queries to fetch the updated tables. Therefore, I intend to create a node without any specified input or output. However, I encountered difficulties in running the node without any input (set to
) and output (also set to
). As a workaround, I have set a DataFrame as both the input and output, although as you can see, these dataframes are not being used at all. Any best practices or tips on this kind of node?
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def exec_test(companies: pd.DataFrame) -> pd.DataFrame:
    companies_dummy = companies
        db_connection = connect_to_database()
        print("Executing SP")
        # execute the stored procedure
            "EXEC spUpdateData '20230601' 'parameter2' 'parameter3' 'etc' ")
        print("SP completed")
    except Exception as e:
        # print error
        print(f"Database connection error: {str(e)}")
    return companies_dummy
Either dummy input output or you can use a hook to make sure it execute before the pipeline run or a specific node
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Alright, I'll explore the hook concept