Hello dear Kedro experts, I have a naive question....
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Hello dear Kedro experts, I have a naive question. Can we use R scripts with kedro ? If so, how ? thank you very much
some people have had success with r2py but it’s not something I can say we have much experience in
Some people have reported targets is a Kedro like library for the r world
For running R script in Python, below 2 approaches can be used but not tried with Kedro: • Using rpy2: https://pypi.org/project/rpy2/ • Calling R-script using Python’s subprocess functionality May be a custom io dataset can be created inn Kedro handing the Rscripts or creating a node function using rpy2 and calling it in pipeline
Yeah the dataset idea isn’t bad! Hard to make dynamic, but probably fits within Kedros principles of IO well
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Thank you both for your useful insights !