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Afiq Johari

10/12/2023, 3:54 AM
We have recently started using Kedro on a remote server, which involves a shared drive. One issue that has been causing some inconvenience is the slow performance when running Kedro in this environment. To give you an idea, even for a basic project like "spaceflights," the command kedro run takes nearly a minute or more to execute. Interestingly, this slowness is not observed when running Kedro on the same remote server but within the user's local C drive. We would greatly appreciate any insights or solutions that could help address this issue.


10/12/2023, 8:54 AM
if you’re able to generate a flame graph like this we’ll be in a much better place to diagnose this
Its a little hard to tell what’s going on - but given its slow for spaceflights my hunch is its not Kedro

Afiq Johari

10/12/2023, 2:31 PM
@datajoely thanks for that issue link! I'll try to recreate it and see if there's anything I can find from there