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KKKKK Kedro-Viz 6.6.0 is out! KKKKK Hello, we're excited to announce that Kedro-Viz 6.6.0 is out! 🥳🥳🥳 We've added a major new feature: Publish and share Kedro-Viz on AWS S3, and several bug fixes in the 6.6 version. This feature enables users to easily share their pipeline visualisation with other stakeholders. Check out the demo and get full details in the release notes and brand new feature documentation. 🚀 What can you expect in this release? • Publish and share Kedro-Viz. Plus a few 🪲 Bug fixes and other changes 🧵 See the thread for more information! demo.kedro.org Kedro-Viz Kedro-Viz is an interactive development tool for building data science pipelines with Kedro.
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Kedro-Viz is the interactive development tool for building and visualising data science pipelines with Kedro. It enables you to debug and monitor the status of your ML project, present it to stakeholders, and easily onboard new team members. Kedro-Viz also enables you to preview your datasets, and perform experiment tracking. How do I get the latest release? • Python:
pip install kedro-viz==6.6.0
• React:
npm install @quantumblack/kedro-viz@latest
What's next? • Publish and share Kedro-Viz from the command line. • Publish and share Kedro-Viz on other platforms (beyond AWS). • Investigating the debugging use case of Kedro-Viz. 💌 Community contributions Many thanks to @Rahul Kumar @Iñigo Hidalgo @Jose Nuñez @Ben Levy @Olivia Lihn and @Debanjan Banerjee for contributing to this release! Follow our roadmap for more updates, comment on the tickets, and suggest future features to the community. Until next time, The Kedro Team
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