Hello! Is there a way to hide a dataset in kedro v...
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Hello! Is there a way to hide a dataset in kedro viz using dataset's metadata in the catalog? Something like a "hide" parameter:
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  type: pandas.ParquetDataSet
  filepath: data/001_preproc/ageb_preproc.parquet
  versioned: true
      layer: preproc
      hide: true
The effect in Kedro Viz would be to automatically hide the dataset from the graph like in the following image
there isn't a
option in the metadata. Kedro-Viz will remember your selection of hidden nodes in the UI, so if you hide the node via the sidebar and refresh the page, that node will still be hidden when it loads again
Yeah I noticed the browser remembers the choices of hiding or not the datasets which is great. I thought maybe there was a way to set it up from the catalog in the case I want to share my project with someone else. No big deal. Thanks a lot for answering @Tynan 🙂
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at this moment there isn't, though we could do that. if you feel like creating a GitHub issue, go for it! another option that would scale a little better is setting a tag. that way, if you have more than one node you want to hide, you with tag it, then tell your teammate to toggle that specific tag
Good tip, I will do that 😉. Thanks a lot!
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