Hi All, I am new to Kedra, we are looking to move ...
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Hi All, I am new to Kedra, we are looking to move to do better mlops, thinking to utilise sagameker and Kedra set up for that. I could see how Kedra and sagameke set up might work for batch transform job. Wondering if there template or example to internalise a online-inference set up using Kedra. Would be great if you point me a right direction. Thank you
hi @Pankaj Dubey! have a look at GetInData plugin for Kedro + Sagemaker https://github.com/getindata/kedro-sagemaker cc @marrrcin
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It’s Kedro, not Kedra btw @Pankaj Dubey πŸ˜„
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hehe, thanks for the correction
I suppose I saw the kedro-sagemaker plugins, have not yet tried myself. Really love the setup and ability to do local model as well. Wondering if it fetches the logs back from individual jobs, and Also selective exclusion. I am still learning Kedro - wondering if there is any help for sagemaker live-endpoints from Kedro.