Has anyone published a book on Kedro yet? (e.g. O'...
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Has anyone published a book on Kedro yet? (e.g. O'Reilly publisher, Packt, etc)
Packt reached out a while ago but I’m not sure it went anywhere
what would you want from a book?
@datajoely Often I find that books of this sort exist to (1) acquaint the reader with the tool and (2) learn how to integrate it with other topics. The documentation is excellent and continues to improve, so the focus of such a book would not be to simply reproduce the docs. Rather a book that covers the design philosophy of the tool itself, and pipeline design patterns that are consistent with the tool. Recommended practices for using Kedro, and practices that 'could' be done but are not a good idea. Considerations of how to adopt and integrate the tool into an organization. Maybe digging into some special topics (e.g. Bayesian workflow, causal workflow, geoprocessing, containerization/Docker, etc) of how to use Kedro. Overall, to integrate different topics around the topic of Kedro. Anyway, I have not thought about it a lot but that's just what came to mind just now.
no it’s a good push
I have two thoughts: • We have a MOOC course coming soon so will have a lot more video content coming soon which I think gives so of the philosophical elements • I think as Kedro aproches 1.0.0 a book makes a lot more sense, there will be a 0.19.x but I’m personally hopeful there wont be a 0.20.x
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yeah 0.20 is too similar to 2.0, people will be confused 😂 nothing is decided yet
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good push @Galen Seilis, I think it would be even more interesting if it spoke about good practices in creating data pipelines broadly
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@datajoely I did not know about the MOOC. That is exciting!
It’s not announced yet 🤫
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