Some more great news about Kedro :kedro: :champagn...
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Some more great news about Kedro K 🍾 Last night, we collected a trophy from the Institute of Scientific and Technical Writers, as overall winner in their annual awards scheme. It's a huge achievement for Kedro, which has previously won a special mention from ISTC. We were up against some large teams of technical writers and it's recognition of the team's hard work to make our open-source docs accessible. The judges said:
The use of direct language with consideration given to different levels of expertise is very effective. This combined with the clear and user friendly navigation makes the documentation very attractive. The layout was really clear.
Thanks to all in the team for believing in great communication! 🤩 🏆 And to you the users for giving us feedback, and contributions, to guide us, inspire us, and make it a worthwhile and satisfying task.
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That is amazing @Jo Stichbury, congrats to you and the rest of the team. The level of detail and care in the kedro documentation is incredible. I spend so much of my time working with kedro that sometimes I forget what the "average" OSS documentation is like and I find myself wishing other packages had half as much documentation as kedro. As you already know, the documentation (and amazing community behind it) are a large part of the reason for kedro's success: communicating a complex thing like data pipelining, config etc in understandable language to different technical levels.
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