Can someone point me in the direction to determine...
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Can someone point me in the direction to determine how we can load different pipelines in kedro viz? (e.g.,,, etc)
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as in the URL flag?
yeah. how does it load the individual pipelines? do we need to have a standalone viz instance and have references to the pipeline JSON in an accessible directory for viz to be able to read?
So I think this unfortunately just demo functionality
so you can use Viz as a react component if you want to do this yourself
the other route is to run things normally and instrument
kedro viz --from-json
some where
would it be worth putting in a feature request for this type of functionality? we have a project that we are working on that could have multiple kedro pipelines that are independent of one another, but would like to view them in viz without running kedro-viz multiple times.
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ahhh ok cool. Let me take a look at 758.
so I think we’d appreciate raising an issue in anycase
tagging @Tynan if he has any other ideas
and ill look at the other option to just to exhaust all options.
sure ill get it opened once I get back to my desk.
thanks Joel!
i agree with @datajoely's suggestions. for context, we load those specific datasets here:
they are only for demo and testing purposes
@Kevin Mills Is it that you have separate Kedro projects set up and don't want to run
kedro viz
for each project? Or is it that all of these pipelines are in the same project and when you run
kedro viz
, you want to see the different pipelines?
Sorry for the late response. We have multiple projects and we were hoping not to run
kedro viz
for each project.
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