Just had a little idea for a potential new plugin ...
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Just had a little idea for a potential new plugin :
... NOT for linting Python code, but rather for linting the kedro project's config files and general file tree for adherence to best practices. For example, it could report the number of implicit in-memory datasets not present in
, report presence of non-notebook files in
or other file types out of place (independent of
), report "feature coverage" of various kedro features (parameters, named datasets, etc) across pipelines, etc etc etc.
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Just brainstorming here, so feel free to pile on ideas
having just built a linter for our internal practices I ❤️ this
will be fun to see what other people suggest on this
yeah I'm kinda in love with 'domain specific linters" at the moment
like this notebook linter is really fricken cool: https://pynblint.readthedocs.io/en/latest/index.html
I like that!
So I'm guessing this would be the linter's process: • load and interrogate the kedro context • maybe run a directory linter like https://github.com/loeffel-io/ls-lint • iterate through a series of stat-generating tests that basically x-ref all of the above info • apply a configurable rule set to those stats • generate the linter report (in a ReviewDog-parseable format)
wow I didn’t know pynblinter and I’m so glad it exists!!
And the
idea would be super cool too
should a linter just work statically 🤔?
Excellent idea indeed !!! Looking forward to it…
notebook doesn’t start with a name Untitled- fails the linting 🙂
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One thing I would love out of a notebook linter .. or maybe this is a separate type of linter - is the ability to lint plots/charts/figures for proper labeling of all axes etc