Hey all, Is there any way to run the kedro pipeli...
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Hey all, Is there any way to run the kedro pipeline from CLI without being inside the project path. Or change the project path itself?
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(cd SOME_PATH && kedro run)
Can you use a subshell?
While this works, but does not achieve the objective , as it first goes to project directory and then runs kedro run
I have defined file path in catalog.yml from particular path let's say data: Filepath: API/kedro_model/data/01_raw_input/xyz.csv Absolute path would be D:/API/kedro_model/data/01_raw_input/xyz.csv Now I want to run kedro run from D:/API , and not from D:/API/kedro_model
can you not provide an absolute path in your catalog?
Or if it is possiblle if i can programmatically change my catalog.yml filepath
So this is running in production and I am using kedrosession to run my pipelines, and kedrosession is defined outside of kedro project path.
so you can do this with templating
and switch out the templates based on the environment
you could for example do
, define this in
in two different
Thanks, I have read about it, for the time being I am using kedrosession in a python file as a workaround to run the pipeline as a workaround
I didn't know about different envs, let me take a look on this also
Got the env part, this seems more simple. Thanks a lot 🙂🙂
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