Edit: fixed. not sure what the problem was but aft...
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Edit: fixed. not sure what the problem was but after deleting everything out of pipeline and nodes and starting again its working... Has anyone ever run across a situation where
don't output anything when inside a node function? I confirmed the logger works fine and can output an INFO message when in the nodes.py file, but nothing inside function definitions gets output... it just seemed to start happening in a new pipeline I created and started working on.
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logger = logging.getLogger("custom_logger")
<http://logger.info|logger.info>("custom logger is working") <- prints fine

def extract_stable_channel_docs(data):
    <http://logger.info|logger.info>("extract from mongo") <- nothing
    <http://logger.info|logger.info>(f"num items {len(data)}") <- nothing
    hello_world() <- contains a print() nothing
    return data
hi @Emilio Gagliardi, I am not aware of past problems about this but I'd like to investigate more. so,
outside the node function works, but inside it doesn't? about
, which uses a different mechanism, it's worth looking into as well. if you can craft a minimal example for us to reproduce, that would be helpful
Hi @Juan Luis I apologize for missing your response. I dont know what the problem was but I deleted everything in both files and when I started again from blank files, the problem disappeared. If it happens again, I definitely document the problem better. Thank you kindly,
no worries and glad you got it to work!