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# user-research
<!here> Hey folks! 👋🏾 We're working on a new theme: "Keep the essentials." The goal is to let you use just the parts of Kedro you need and leave the rest behind. Here are the concepts we are exploring: • jupyter Use
straight from a Jupyter/Databricks/AWS SageMaker notebook without a project template or an IDE. • party wizard Use the project creation wizard to add features to your project template. Don't need the files and folders created by linting, testing, and documentation? No worries! Just skip those to get a simpler template. We'd love your help testing these ideas! If you can spare 30 minutes to try either of them, then indicate your interest with jupyter or party wizard. Your feedback will help make Kedro more flexible.
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I'll tag @Matthias Roels, @Yolan Honoré-Rougé and @Brandon Meek here because some of the ways you've helped data analysts use Kedro, have inspired us to think about concept 1.
More than happy to test both
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First one is super relevant for us, we are trying to lower the barrier between one-off analysis and a kedro project by making it as easy as possible to begin EDAs using catalog and parameters, but needing to set up a whole pyproject.toml etc is a source of friction for us atm. Would be happy to test 🙂
I do not have much time to test for now, but I'll try to have a glance !
cc @Lais Carvalho ☝🏼
Happy to be back! 🙂 And I’d be happy to test both, as well! I think they might have some strong useful bits for my current team.
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LAIS! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
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hello folks! we're finally about to schedule a session to walk you through a couple of changes we are doing for Kedro 0.19. our idea is to have it next Wednesday afternoon - I'll send an invite to the people that reacted with emojis to @Yetunde's original message at the beginning of this thread, if you just noticed this and want to attend too, please drop a message here. see you very soon!
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hey juanlu, I'll be busy pretty much all afternoon wednesday, but I look forward to hearing more about this at some point 🙂
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How did it go? 🙂
it went really well! @Amanda and @Merel will soon update the corresponding GitHub issues with conclusions 😊 thanks everyone who participated! 🙌🏼 the final brainstorming part was super interesting
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