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Emilio Gagliardi

08/18/2023, 8:57 PM
Hopefully, this is easy to resolve. I slightly modified where logs are stored in my project and I updated the logging.yml file to point to the directory. It works fine. However, when I try to load datasets in a notebook now, I get a file not found error because its looking for the info.log file under the notebooks directory and not logs directory. I tried manually changing the working directory to the kedro-project and then running the .load() method, but it didn't help. From my logging.yml, the "logs" directory is at the same level as the "notebooks" directory.
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    class: logging.handlers.RotatingFileHandler
    level: INFO
    formatter: simple
    filename: logs/info.log
    maxBytes: 10485760 # 10MB
    backupCount: 20
    encoding: utf8
    delay: True
and the error is:
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FileNotFoundError: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: 'C:\\projects\\kedro-workbench\\notebooks\\logs\\info.log'
Initially, inside my notebook, the cwd() = "C:\projects\kedro-workbench\notebooks" and then I changed the cwd() = "C:\projects\kedro-workbench" but it didn't help.