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# announcements
KKKKK Kedro-Viz 6.4.0 is out! KKKKK @here we're excited to announce that Kedro-Viz 6.4.0 is out! πŸ₯³πŸ₯³πŸ₯³ Kedro-Viz is the interactive development tool for building and visualising data science pipelines with Kedro. It enables you to debug and monitor the status of your ML project, present it to stakeholders, and easily onboard new team members. Kedro-Viz also enables you to preview your datasets, and perform experiment tracking. We've added 2 major new feature and several bug fixes in the 6.4 version. Check out the demo and get full details in the release notes. πŸš€ What can you expect in this release? β€’ Added feature hint cards to highlight key features of Kedro-Viz. β€’ Added support for displaying dataset statistics in the metadata panel for further investigation. πŸͺ² Bug fixes and other changes β€’ Fixed dataset and global toolbar error with standalone React component. β€’ Fixed incorrect rendering of datasets in modular pipelines. β€’ Fixed broken SVG/PNG exports in light theme. β€’ Fixed
as kedro-datasets is now lazily loaded. β€’ Fixed Sidebar search result based on Pretty name setting. β€’ Fixed issue of encountering a black page in Safari when interacting with modular pipelines. How do I get the latest release? β€’ Python:
pip install kedro-viz==6.4.0
β€’ React:
npm install @quantumblack/kedro-viz@latest
What's next? β€’ Shareable URLs for Kedro-Viz pipeline visualisation. β€’ Investigating the debugging use case of Kedro-Viz. Try these features and provide feedback. Follow our roadmap for more updates, comment on the tickets, and suggest future features to the community. Until next time, The Kedro Team KK
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FYI: @Ben Levy @PY @Devin Taylor @Florian d @Yury Fedotov
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CC @Nicolas Oulianov
So cool !!! ❀️ 😍
@Nero Okwa, do you have an example of what needs to be added to the catalog.yml to have the metadata show up (number of rows and columns) ? I can’t find anything on the main branch. Do I need to do something or does it display metadata out of the box ? (this would be great !)
You don't need to add anything. It should work automatically. Please let us know if that's not the case.
It works well ! You need to do
kedro run
to compute the statistics, though. Thank you for this addition !
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Thanks @Nicolas Oulianov for this, would you be up for a future user interview about your experience with this feature and Kedro-Viz ? πŸ™‚
Yes, for sure πŸ™‚
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