Hey all! -- I've been trying to get Kedro Kubeflo...
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Hey all! -- I've been trying to get Kedro Kubeflow integrated into some of our projects and I'm hitting a wall. I've configured everything according to the documentation and I am unable to connect to our Kubeflow instance using the
kedro kubeflow
commands. The error I'm getting is here: https://gist.github.com/edhenry/bcfd22a6e6cddfcd43c5643a15e1efb9 I've configured the plugin
variable as such
host: <http://kf-01.com/pipelines>
and the error in the gist above is thrown. Oddly enough, when I add the
for connecting over 443 the connection is denied as expected because we're not running any services on 443 currently. Any ideas why the plugin isn't parsing the prefix correctly from the
@marrrcin? 🙂
1. Are other commands working? 2. Where is your
config file stored? 3. How do you authorize to Kubeflow Pipelines instance?
Apologies for the delay! I'll be getting around to testing this again in the next few days and I'll report back!
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~OK! Got the error to reproduce. This is the process I'm following: https://kedro-kubeflow.readthedocs.io/en/0.7.4/source/03_getting_started/05_authentication.html#kfp-behind-dex-with-authservice I keep my kubeflow.yml file stored in the
dir 3~
OK! Got the error to reproduce. 1. No 2. I keep my kubeflow.yml file stored in the
dir 3. https://kedro-kubeflow.readthedocs.io/en/0.7.4/source/03_getting_started/05_authentication.html#kfp-behind-dex-with-authservice
Got it. Somehow the oauth approval screen switch got toggled:
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  skipApprovalScreen: false
Setting it to
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  skipApprovalScreen: true
Fixed it.
Oh, I also had to change the URL from
I assume, however though, this is because we're rolling an old(er) version of dex on our cluster.
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