Hello everyone. I had a question about an older v...
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Hello everyone. I had a question about an older version of kedro. A project that I forked used kedro==0.17.7 that included references to kedro.versioning.journal.JournalFileHandler and and kedro.journal. Our project that we are working on is currently using kedro==0.18.12 so I am attempting to retrofit the other project to use the same version. Is there something that replaced this functionality in the newer versions?
Is it in your
? You can just get rid of the block that (probably) looks like:
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        class: kedro.versioning.journal.JournalFileHandler
        level: INFO
        base_dir: logs/journals
        formatter: json_formatter
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There was something in hooks.py and also loogging.yml. I got rid of it, but wanted to be sure something else didn't replace it. Thanks for the feedback!