Hi fellows, I am using the `ManagedTableDataset` f...
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Hi fellows, I am using the
for databricks. As a person, I am always worried to blow off some production stuff. I noticed that the dataset has no option for read-only and that the default write mode is
a.k.a goodbye your existing data. Would it make sense to suggest such a read-only mode and, maybe, remove the default for
for user to make a conscious choice?
This sounds reasonable to be - a more conservative default or at least provide an option to not over-write. Would you be open to create a PR?
Sure. 👍
@Nok Lam Chan I drafted a PR, here. If I want feedback on it before touching the documentation, how should I proceed?
I think it's fine to mark it as ready to be reviewed
We monitor Open source PR regularly so someone on the team will have a look. I request myself on it already.
gratitude thank you 1