Hi, I found a bug in the `api.APIDataSet` in `kedr...
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Hi, I found a bug in the
: the data is doubly encoded as json, making it a string of a string. We should just let the
library do the conversion for us. I created this PR to fix it https://github.com/kedro-org/kedro-plugins/pull/301. It seems that it must be validated by a maintener, for the CI to run
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Hey @FlorianGD, thanks for flagging this and your contributions always : )
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I have triggered the run already (We moved to Github Action recently and the default requires so)
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There are some linting errors, some of which do not seem directly related to the changes I have made. Do you want me to take a look also, or is it addressed in another PR/branch?
It was really small, I made the change, it should pass now