Hey everyone. I have a few kedro nodes that run a ...
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Hey everyone. I have a few kedro nodes that run a bit long and I am separating them into functions (ex: a node has 1 or 2 helper functions). I do not want to split into nodes since it doesn’t fit my overall logic flow. As a best practice, is it good to have a separate utils/ folder for these tiny helper functions? Or is it advised to just use a nested function? Thanks! 🙂
I would typically want my Kedro nodes to be calling functions defined in other files/packages
it makes it much easier to test units of logic decoupled from your pipeline logic
I see, that is a great point.
I also see nothing wrong with tiny nodes
design for readability even if that person is you in 6 months
Makes sense. Currently a few nodes run 30+ lines. Will think through this 🙂
And you mentioned testing the logic for nodes and pipelines. I am currently writing tests for each node (unit test-ish). For pipeline, is there a different way of testing (kind of an integrate test)?
You can run integration test with KedroSession, the easiest way is to create a test environment and use a subset of the dataset (or mock one) to run the pipeline end to end.