Hi. Is there a way to get the current run name? Li...
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Hi. Is there a way to get the current run name? Like in Kedro viz experiment tracking I get names like "2023-08-08T08.17.05.592Z". I am using mlflow and tensorboard as well at the moment and want to have consistent naming in every tracking tool.
Hi, I don't think we provide a direct way to fetch the current run name, the names you are seeing are timestamps.
Ah, ok. Thanks for the answer. Any other way to get consistent naming in the tracking tools?
I am wondering why you need 3 experiment tracking tools at the same time?
If it is necessary, you can retrieve the id via session, and use that to Initialise your mlflow and tensor board (if they support arbitrary naming)
I am currently just testing different tracking tools. I might fall back to just one later, but I most likely will always use kedro + another tool and for that I want consistent naming. Could you please elaborate about more how I "get the id via session"