Hi everyone, I have a basic question about how to ...
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Hi everyone, I have a basic question about how to save a dataset in a kedro notebook. I understand how to load a dataset, but I'm not clear how to save a dataset. I have a custom dataset. I'm not sure if I need to pass in the catalog properties/credentials manually or how to pass the data. The custom dataset connects to a mongo db so I need to pass in credentials. Thanks kindly,
catalog.save("catalog_name", data)
in jupyter you can also do
and it will show the help
oh! ok thanks very much!!
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also we’d love for you to contribute your mongo dataset back to
Oh man, I wish I was a good enough programmer at this point to contribute anything 😄. I can barely tie my shoelaces in python. I didn't do anything fancy, just imported the library and created a connection. I didn't create a context manager or do any object-oriented stuff.
@Emilio Gagliardi I'm also new to Kedro but a few weeks ago I made my first open-source contribution by fixing a typo in the Kedro docs. If you notice anything amiss, you can always contribute that way, too! Happy pipelining!
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Hehe, well I'll keep in mind. Perhaps after I've built a few kedro projects and have been through the trenches a bit more. 🙂
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